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There's a solution to every Infocom problem and a way through every Infocom maze. But there are those times when even the most brilliant adventurer gets stumped. That's when InvisiClues Hint Books from Infocom really come in handy. They're the only hints written by the same people who write our interactive stories, so you know they're complete, accurate, witty and a whole lot of fun. And they're the only ones with the amazing InvisiClues menu system that gives you only as much of a hint as you need, when you need it -- without revealing anything that might spoil your enjoyment of the story.

InvisiClues Hint Books are also a great source of fun for those who have completed our interactive stories. After all, it's virtually impossible to experience everything that can happen in an Infocom interactive story the first time you venture through it. But with our hints, and particularly with the "For Your Amusement" section of the hint books, you'll

gain new insights that will allow you to tap every source of entertainment your story offers.

CAUTION: DON'T USE HINT BOOKS INSTEAD OF YOUR OWN MIND. The greatest pleasure to be gained from an Infocom interactive story is in solving its problems and puzzles through your own ingenuity. So, please don't turn to any hints until you've exhausted all other alternatives.

There's an InvisiClues Hint Book for every Infocom interactive story, each containing hundreds of valuable clues. And each comes with a handsomely formatted Sample Transcript (except JOURNEY and ZORK: THE UNDISCOVERED UNDERGROUND, which didn't have one). For more details, keep reading.

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Last updated March 3rd, 1999.