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Welcome to the Unofficial Legend Text Adventure Page!

Legend Entertainment is a game company that makes high-quality PC games. They started out, however, from the ashes of Infocom, making high-quality text adventures with graphics and sound. This site is devoted to those pieces of Interactive Fiction, quite probably the last commercial Interactive Fiction produced (before recent on-line efforts by Cascade Mountain Publishing).

Navigation on ULTAP is (hopefully) intuitive. Click on a game name at left to access its page, or use a button on top to see other topics that may not relate directly to the games.

By the way, thanks for stopping by. To be honest, this site has miles to go before I'll be happy with it, but I'm content to see it as a work in progress. Check back in coming weeks, as I try to get more information and content on here. This is my first web site, so any comments would be welcome, as would any efforts to help out (in a dream universe, the IF programming community is able to come up with something like Magnetic for these Legend games). Anyway, click on MAIL, above, to see how to get in touch with me. Thanks again for visiting!

Last Updated Feb 15, 1999