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Gateway II: Homeworld

Gateway II: Homeword

I haven't played this one... sorry! I want to, mind you, but there's only so much time in the day, my dog ate my homework, etc. Anyway, hopefully I'll play this one soon (probably after I play Frederik Pohl's Gateway again).

By the way, am I the only one who, when he sees Frederik Pohl's Gateway, envisions Frederik Pohl sitting in front of his Gateway computer? Hmm... too much PC Shopper for me, that's for sure. I wonder if Gateway's tried hiring (or suing) ol' Frederik. "I'm Frederik Pohl, and I use Gateway computers to communicate with aliens. Sure, you could use your Macintosh Power Books (like in that awful Independence Day movie), but they're only good for introducing viruses and things like that. My Gateway is much better."

Where was I?

Oh, right; here's what we've got currently:

Last Updated Feb 10, 1999

Impersonation of Frederik Pohl was meant as a joke and not intended as the actual words of Frederik Pohl.
Don't sue. Don't sue.