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Legend and the Law

Everything on this page, including the graphics & logo bars, is copyrighted by me, Steven Marsh, as of 1999, UNLESS it belongs to someone else.

Digression alert.

Far too much content on the web is the result of at best discourteous and at worst illegal behavior. I mean, is it too much to ask that you can use a file or a picture before you just plunk it down on your web site? It's not like you even need to pay for a stamp, fer chrissakes... just send an e-mail asking permission BEFORE using whatever it is.

As such, I have honestly tried, to the best of my ability, to respect the hard work of those who have made this page possible... the people who have made the various hints and other content I haven't created directly.

Unfortunately, owing to the migratory nature of the Internet (some of these hint files were made almost ten years ago, an eternity in the Information age), I was unable to find some of the people involved in this page. But I swear I tried like a banshee.

If, for some reason, some content of yours is on my page and you do not wish it to be, accept my apologies and send me an e-mail to me, and I'll immediately remove it.


The Legend logo itself belongs to Legend Entertainment, and is used with their kind permission. Any scans from their packaging are also copyright Legend Entertainment, and are also used with their permission.

In addition, many of the hint files seem to either originate from or derive from Legend Entertainment's own sources. If they are written in a Q & A format, and don't have other copyright information, that's my best guess. Specifically, these include the Gateway I and II hint booklets,

The Spellcasting 101 walkthru were created by Pete Calvert, and is used with permission.

The UHS files for Eric the Unready, Spellcasting 101 and Spellcasting 201 were brought to us by Dave Timoney and Jason Strautman, and are used with permission.

In addition, the UHS files for Timequest and Spellcasting 301 were created by Jason Strautman alone, and are used with permission.

The special migraine walkthru for Gateway II: Homeworld is copyright Veikko Danilas, and permission is expressly granted by the walkthru itself.

The non-migraine-inducing walkthru for Gateway II: Homeworld, as well as the second walkthru for Timequest, are from Avi Machness, and are used with permission. Send him an e-mail, or visit his web page, if you're so inclined.

Certain articles (the GAMES 100 Capsule reviews and list of winners) were reprinted with permission of GAMES MAGAZINE (P.O. Box 184, Fort Washington, PA 19034). For subscription information, call 1-800-GAMES68.

My only credit for the Eric the Unready walkthru is the handle "Beowulf", a search for which turned up many people. If you know who wrote this, I'd be appreciative for any information.

The other Timequest walkthru is copyright Mark and Karen Howell. Unfortunately, the only Mark and Karen Howell I found were a minister and his wife. Although a really nice guy, this Mark denied any knowledge of writing the Timequest walkthru (though he did wish me luck in my "timequest"). If you have information, I'd be appreciative.

Last Updated Feb 15, 1999