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Spellcasting 301: Spring Break

Spellcasting 301 small box

I have yet to play Spellcasting 301.

Now, I deliberated trying to fake it. I mean, technically, I've played the first little bit of it (with quite a confusing magic carpet ride and all), but not enough to say whether or not I like it. But I have played the other two games, and I figure a lot of it will apply (a lot of funny moments, meaningless sex, and the like). But, no, I realize that would be Bad.

So, yet again, I bring shame to myself by not playing a game on my little fan page.

But look at it from my point of view. The little Gurus over at the Infocom pages have probably played all their little games many times over. Where's the sense of discovery, the new-ness? The best they can hope for is to be tossed a scrap like Zork: Undiscovered Underground or Zork: A Troll's Eye View every blue moon. But me, I've got lots of games I profess to love I haven't even played!

Hmm... Maybe I'd better quit while I'm only marginally behind.

Anyway, it probably has jokes. It probably has sex. It's probably fun. Go play it.

Here's what we've got currently:

Last Updated Feb 10, 1999